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1 Apr, 2020 3:32:27 PM / by Leon Traazil


Recycling may be a popular buzzword in the beauty industry, however, many brands have not made it convenient nor practical to do so. Each bottle contains up to 5 or 6 different plastic materials, with some being difficult to open and clean without breaking them apart and others being made with materials that cannot be recycled.

The Beauty & Personal Care market is worth about US$1,061M in 2020 and this is expected to grow annually by 1.6%. This means more unsustainable practices will be continued under the guides of recyclable beauty.


The RE:ERTH founders were not satisfied to simply recycle their used packaging through the usual channels.

"Our proprietary ingredients like Japanese Spring Tumeric and Japanese White Tumeric are farmed sustainbly and just like how we're committed to preserving the land and ensuring the sustainability of our farming, we had to be 100% certain that we know exactly where our used bottles would go and how they would be recycled in the most sustainable way possible."
- Shinji Yamasaki, RE:ERTH Founder and CEO.

The industry is sorely lacking transparency and RE:ERTH's hunt for a recycling company that would simplify mixed plastic recycling for both brands and consumers led them to Environmental Solutions (Asia).


Environmental Solutions (Asia) has been venturing into new territory with a unique chemical recycling initiative that is done locally to reduce carbon costs. The solution allows for mixed plastic packaging to be recycled in its current form without the need for washing, dismantling or cleaning.

Unlike other methods, plastic waste in this case will be converted to NewOil by means of pyrolysis. This truly green solution will produce carbon credits that can be used to offset carbon emissions from logistics, operations, transport, etc.

"We are excited to partner with RE:ERTH, because the plastic type does not matter to the unique technology we use, with the additional 100% resilience to organic contamination."
- Quek Leng Chuang, Environmental Solutions (Asia) Founder & Managing Director.


Environmental Solutions (Asia) partners with REERTH


Environmental Solutions Asia and RE:ERTH Recycling BinHOW CAN CUSTOMERS GET INVOLVED?

Customers can now proceed to Design Orchard, TheAC Raffles Hotel and Tangs at Tangs Plaza (TBA) to deposit their used plastic skincare bottles and receive RE:ERTH's Garden Petals rewards. 200 Petals for full-sized bottles and 50 Petals for mini-sized bottles that customers can use towards their next purchase. 

Customers can also choose to mail in their empty bottles to 327A, Beach Road, Singapore 199560.


Environmental Solutions (Asia) partners with REERTH for true recyclingVisit RE:ERTH to learn more.


To join companies like RE:ERTH to make a big impact in sustainability, please contact us as we would love to work with you.


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