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31 May, 2020 3:29:31 PM / by Leon Traazil


At Environmental Solutions Asia, we believe in the quality of work and how quickly and positively we react. 




In the business of waste management, in order to respond quickly, we need to do the groundwork, familiarity with the customer/company, the area of business, the likely problems, expectations and consequences. We dive deep into our customer needs and we couple that with our expertise and experience to ensure we see a few steps ahead, in order to be ready to expect all possibilities. It's not just about being the first to respond or to respond immediately, but to provide value and speed in the response. 


For example, with the Circuit Breaker situation in Singapore, we were quick to ensure we would remain operational as an essential service to our customers. Whilst communicating early with them to ensure we could sync up any changes in waste collection schedules and shift accordingly. Of course, this has been a sigh of relief for many of our customers and we are glad to be nimble enough to cater to their needs. This has allowed us to manage their waste collection and management a lot better.


Responsiveness is also being available for our customers. Providing a single point of contact and having regular meetings amongst our Business Development team, allows our customers to ensure that they don’t have to repeat themselves, the entire company is aligned and this provides more action and less management. This takes dedication and making ourselves available to our customers at all times. Even when we are down by a team member, the company overall can make up for it. This allows us to be nimble and responsive without any compromise on the quality of service. In fact, our team takes Ownership and are often seen as an extension of our customers’ business and it can be seen from our Business Development Team, through to our Logistics Team.


Fast and speedy follow up, will of course be appreciated, so that we never drop the ball. That’s what makes our customers trust us - to provide them the reliability they’ve become accustomed to, adding value when we can to accommodate their needs. And it makes sense for us as well, because one of our core values, Frugality, guides us in being more prudent and efficient in terms of the use of our resources, and it’s not just for ourselves, but for our customers too.


This is no wonder our customers have said things like:

  • “Environmental Solutions (Asia) provides prompt service and prices are competitive.” - Associated Spring Asia Pte Ltd.

  • Interaction with the Business Development and the Logistics Team at Environmental Solutions (Asia) was very responsive. - Novabay Pte Ltd / Seqens Group.

  • Environmental Solutions Asia is very responsive and overall pleasant to work with. - ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.


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*Note: As of 21 September 2020, the GrabGift voucher promotion has ended.

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Leon Traazil

Written by Leon Traazil

Leon is the Head of Strategic Partnerships for Environmental Solutions (Asia).