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Integrity is one of the values that guide our business at Environmental Solutions (Asia). Integrity seems to be quite an obvious value. It is the basis not only for conducting business, but also in the realm of politics and law. Integrity has a twofold meaning:

Firstly, it means to act in a way that does not only comply with laws and other legal norms, but also according to values and social norms.

Secondly, acting integer means to align values and actions so there is not discrepancy between those. When companies and their employees act integer, they build up reliable reputation and trust with their customers as well as other stakeholders.


For us, integrity means to stick to the principles we set up for our company. In good as in bad years alike, we work amongst our values and do not try to search for loopholes only in order to gain an advantage over a competitor or to make more profit. We do not only act integer because our partners expect it from us. We do it because we are ourselves convinced that it is better for us and all our stakeholders if we can interact based on trust, responsibility and accountability. This alters the whole business experience, long lasting relationships can be built and work becomes less stressful. 


Integrity does not mean to be perfect. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Still, aligning with their values, integer people and companies admit their shortcomings and work on continually improving them.


Integrity is important for our business in a sense that we will always provide our customers with accurate analyses and fair payouts. Also, when setting up contracts, we do not include unexpected or unfair provisions in the small print and are ready to discuss the agreement until both parties feel that they have made a good deal. Also, we are honest about our commitment to sustainability. We do our best to provide sustainable recycling services following a low carbon and zero waste approach. Still, we cannot send 0% to our landfill as we obtain our energy from gasification, leaving 3% gasification ash aside. (However, we are working on using this ash for a different purpose in Singapore, giving it back to a circular economic system.) 


Integrity is in our opinion crucial for everyone: Businesses, politicians, consumers and students. If we all practise integrity when interacting with each other, we create trustworthy interactions, encouraging business activities and development of new ideas.


As a philosophical essay puts it:

”In other words, the more people have integrity in a community, the more efficiency and productivity we can have, and the more happiness and trust we can enjoy.”

In this sense: Practise integrity - no matter where! It creates a better experience in business as well as in private life for all of us.


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If you share the same values and wish to manage your waste with the utmost integrity and turn waste into treasure, get in touch and let's work together in a way that is sustainable for both of us.


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Quek Leng Chuang

Written by Quek Leng Chuang

LengChuang is a chemical engineer and an expert in carbonomics. He is the founder and owner of Environmental Solutions (Asia) Pte Ltd.