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Spent Catalytic Converters

10 Sep, 2019 6:13:51 PM / by Quek Leng Chuang

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At Environmental Solutions (Asia), we are well established in the area of harvesting PGMs (Platinum Group Metals), mainly Pd (Palladium), Pt (Platinum) and Rh (Rhodium) from Spent Catalytic Converters for over 20 years. With the in-house machinery, analytical lab and our processes, we are able to provide a much faster and more accurate analysis for Spent Catalytic Converters, resulting in better returns for the spent catalytic converters, to be ready for sale within just 7 days.

Spent Catalytic Converter

We procure all types of Spent Catalytic Converters:

  • Canned or De-canned
  • Ceramic or Metallic Catalyst Substrates
  • Diesel or Gasoline Catalysts
  • Dual-Bed or Three-Way Oxidation Catalytic Converters
  • Spent Honey Comb Ceramic substrates from SCR and RTOs



Why do our customers keep working with us? Because we have our own in-house Bulk Sampler and Analytical Lab.


Spent Catalytic ConverterCore features of our in-house Bulk Sampler:

  • International Standards
  • In-House Bulk Samplers In Partnership with USA Techemet LP and Invemet S.R.L.
  • Fair, Fast & Accurate
  • Witness & Watch Programme



Honeycomb MonolithCore features of our in-house Analytical Lab:

  • International Standards
  • SAC-SINGLAS accreditation in progress
  • In-House Specialist Metal Assay Lab
  • Professionally Trained Chemists
  • XRF - X-Ray Fluorescence Machine
  • ICP OES - Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry
  • Fast, Accurate & Detailed Analysis


What do some of our customers say?

“Pricing is competitive & payment is received promptly” - Our customer in Malaysia.

“It helps to work with Environmental Solutions CATs as they are cost effective & efficient.” - Our Customer in India.

“The analysis reports by Environmental Solutions CATs are always clear, transparent and easy to understand.” - Our Customer in Australia.


Ultimately, we are able to complete our process of receiving materials, sampling and assay, to be ready for sale within just 7 days. If you want to work with us on your Spent Catalytic Converters, contact us at +65 6653 2299 or get in touch with us and we'll get back to you.



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Quek Leng Chuang

Written by Quek Leng Chuang

LengChuang is a chemical engineer and an expert in carbonomics. He is the founder and owner of Environmental Solutions (Asia) Pte Ltd.